About this Webinar Collection

The 2014-2015 Webinar Series

This is a collection of webinars led by the previous owner of the Society for Creative Founders, Jennifer Faught, that took place from 2014-2015.  Although the content may be older, it still contains valuable information to help you to learn various aspects of owning a creative business.

There are 11 webinars from the 2014-2015 Series included in this collection:

- The Six Pillars to a Creative Business with Jennifer Faught

- Crafting your Creative Mission with Nicolle Spitulnik

- Your Signature Style with Emily McCarthy

- 11 Tips for Brick and Mortar with Kandice Matsler

- Wholesale 101 with Rob Fortier

- Selling your Wholesale Line with Meryl Hooker

- Working with Zulily and the State of Etsy with Nicolle Spitulnik and Stephanie Creekmur

- Instagram for the Creative Entrepreneur with Stephanie Creekmur

- Marketing your Wedding Invitation Business with Amber Housley

- Balancing Work and Life with Cathy Olson

- Digitizing Handlettering with Liz Cooke

Additionally, although worksheets may be mentioned in the webinars, these webinars do not contain them ... only the webinars are included here in this collection.

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